If You Have Been the Target of Age Discrimination at Your Job …

The way you are treated by co-workers or supervisors should not be defined by demographic factors that are out of your control — your race, national origin, gender, disability … or your age.

If you think you have been victimized by age discrimination in the workplace, the Law Offices of Miguel S. Ramirez can help.

Miguel S. Ramirez is an experienced employment law attorney and former defense counsel for large corporations. He has heard stories like yours many times before. He is sensitive to your needs — legal, financial and emotional. From start to finish of your case, he works hard to earn your trust and help you get the results you deserve.

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Miguel S. Ramirez Works to Protect Your Rights

Our age discrimination law offices would like to speak with you immediately if:

  • You have received or overheard disparaging comments or jokes concerning your age
  • You have been eliminated from contention for a job hiring or promotion due to your age
  • Your salary or hourly wage has remained the same, or been reduced, while younger workers’ pay has increased
  • You have been dismissed, fired or laid off due to your company’s "downsizing," "outsourcing," "workforce reduction," "corporate reorganization" or a decision to "go in a different direction"
  • You have been dismissed and replaced by a younger employee

Lawyer Miguel S. Ramirez listens carefully to your story. He interviews and investigates thoroughly in order to learn the facts of your case. Those he faces in negotiations or in court know that he has the strength of his convictions and your best interests at heart.

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