Disability Discrimination Claims

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), employers are responsible for reasonably accommodating employees with disabilities. This means that employers must take steps to provide disabled employees with the tools they need to complete their jobs.

When an employer fails to accommodate an employee with a disability, the employee should consider seeking legal representation.

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Examples of Failure to Accommodate

An employee may have a claim against his or her employer if any of the following has happened:

  • The employer fails to provide a modified workstation to meet the disabled employee’s needs.
  • The employer fails to allow time off for medical appointments.
  • The employer fails to modify the disabled employee’s work schedule.
  • The employer fails to provide a wheelchair ramp.

By law, employers are required to make only reasonable accommodations. Our firm can help determine what accommodations are reasonable and what accommodations would cause the employer to suffer undue hardship.

We represent individuals with all types of disabilities, including those who are vision- or hearing-impaired, those who have a back or spinal cord injury, those with mental impairments, and those with other disabilities.

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