Legal Help for Workers Deprived of Medical or Disability Leave

Under both federal law (Family Medical Leave Act or FMLA), and state law (California Family Rights Act or CFRA), an employees are entitled to medical leave benefits if they need to care for a seriously ill relative; attend to their own serious health or medical condition; care for a newborn child, and place a child for adoption or foster care. Business owners who terminate, suspend or demote workers seeking to take that leave are at risk of violating federal and California law.

Attorney Miguel S. Ramirez works to protect the rights of workers who have been denied disability and medical leave. You can count on our experience, compassion for your situation, and proven legal skills to get results.

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Employment Law Attorney Miguel S. Ramirez Fights Hard to Protect Your Rights

No employee plans on health, medical or disability emergencies that can take him or her away from work. If you have qualified for paid or unpaid leave, and that leave has been denied, bring your concerns to the Law Offices of Miguel S. Ramirez right away.

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