Wage Claims

Protecting Workers’ Rights In All Wage, Hour And Overtime Disputes

If you are working hours that you are not getting credit for or are being deprived of overtime pay, you do not have to accept this treatment as the price of having a job. Unpaid overtime and other wage-and-hour disputes are avoidable if the employer complies with state and federal laws. You have rights. And now you have someone who will protect them.

The Law Offices of Miguel S. Ramirez works to protect workers in all facets of employment law, including wage disputes. Attorney Miguel Ramirez has nearly 20 years of legal experience, including insights as a former defense lawyer for employers in wage-and-hour cases. Contact us today at 213-975-0003 for a free initial consultation.

Does Your Employer Owe You Money?

Wage and hour violations can add up to a significant amount of money, especially if your employer has systematically shortchanged you for several years. For example, most hourly workers in California are entitled to overtime pay after eight hours in one day or after 40 total hours in one week. You might be entitled to back pay, plus penalties and attorney fees. Speak with our dedicated workers’ rights lawyer immediately if you have been:

  • Paid straight time instead of time-and-a-half for overtime hours
  • Incorrectly classified as exempt from overtime pay
  • Forced to work off the clock for no additional pay
  • Misclassified as an independent contractor
  • Denied two 10-minute rest breaks in an eight-hour workday
  • Denied a meal break within your first five hours on duty, or a second meal break for shifts exceeding 10 hours
  • Denied access to pay stubs that contain required payroll information
  • Denied vacation benefits under a “use it or lose it” policy
  • Given mixed signals as to your assigned pay rate
  • Cheated out of commissions or bonuses

Wage laws exist to protect workers from exploitation by employers. You can take action to protect your compensation rights. We are also available to review any severance agreement or release agreement proposed by your employer.

Find Out If You Have A Wage Claim

The Law Offices of Miguel S. Ramirez handle wage and hour claims in greater Los Angeles and surrounding counties of Southern California. We offer free, confidential consultations at our office, including evenings or weekends by appointment.

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