Los Angeles Racial Discrimination Lawyer

Los Angeles Racial Discrimination Lawyer

Pursuit of Justice For Racial Discrimination At Work in Los Angeles, CA

Race discrimination in the workplace can be straightforward or subtle. Either way, it is illegal. No employer has the right to use race as a factor in determining any aspect of your employment. If you believe you have been a target of racial discrimination on the job, we can help.

Miguel S. Ramirez is a Los Angeles employment attorney who has practiced law in state and federal courts for nearly 20 years. His belief in your rights and his background as a former defense lawyer for employers uniquely qualify him to represent you. No one should have to tolerate race discrimination, even if it is encouraged or condoned by your employer.

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Victims Of Race Discrimination Have An Advocate In Miguel S. Ramirez

Under California law and the Civil Rights Act of 1964, it is illegal for employers to discriminate on the basis of race or color. Talk to our employment discrimination lawyer you believe race played a role in the mistreatment you experienced at work, including:

  • Failure to hire or promote
  • Demotion or wage or salary decrease
  • Wrongful termination and discharge
  • Favoritism toward employees of other races
  • Different pay scale for people of color
  • Racial harassment or retaliation
  • Physical or verbal abuse
  • Reverse discrimination

Miguel S. Ramirez relies on his technical knowledge of employment law, exhaustive research, thorough investigation and personal commitment to getting results for you. In everything we do for our clients, we show zero tolerance for unequal treatment by employers, including discrimination based on race or national origin. Find out more about our law firm and how we can best serve you.

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