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Our firm fights hard for working people. We will fight hard to find justice for victims of wrongful termination, retaliation, discrimination, harassment, wage theft and other employment matters. We will thoroughly investigate your case and aggressively litigate in your best interests.

I had a difficult time finding I lawyer I trusted but the first time i met him he maid me feel very welcoming as soon as started speaking to him i was sure he was the one to help me ..I was very satisfied with the results. He also kept me informed with all the process, I could keep on going about how satisfied i am with Miguel !!! I would definitely recommend him.


I went to Miguel about a potential class action lawsuit. He was recommended by another lawyer who specialized in business contract law. Miguel was very patient, thorough and very available, pointing out all the pros and cons of going to court versus settling. After talking to him the 1st time, he said that my claims were more substantial and might diverge from the rest of the class. I couldn’t envision that at that time but, after many months, it turned out to be true. We were very pleased with the result. I can’t imagine a better or smarter employment lawyer in LA.

Michael E

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