Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment Is Not Part Of The Job Description

Being groped or sexually harassed by a co-worker, supervisor or employer is unsettling and unwelcome. It is also illegal under California and federal laws. Other sexual behavior or verbal abuse also violates your rights if it creates a hostile work environment. You should not have to withstand any form of abuse or unwelcome contact at your workplace.

Employment law attorney Miguel S. Ramirez handles all forms of workplace discrimination and retaliation. We believe in the power of advocacy and the aims of the #MeToo movement. We protect the rights of sexual harassment victims in the Los Angeles area and Southern California. We can help make the behavior stop, and we can pursue compensation for the mistreatment and psychological harm you have endured.

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Stop Sexual Harassment At Your Workplace

Many people are hesitant to report sexual harassment because they don’t know their rights or they are not sure what constitutes harassment. Sexual harassment can include a wide range of behaviors, including:

  • Touching your private areas or removing your clothes
  • Unwanted hugs, kisses or touching that makes you uncomfortable
  • Sexual comments about your body or clothing
  • Leering, ogling or spying
  • Sexually explicit jokes, pictures or emails
  • Pressure for dates and other unwanted attention

Sometimes the repeated pattern of behavior creates a hostile workplace environment that makes it impossible to simply do your job. That is sexual harassment. A proposed exchange of sexual favors for a promotion or job perks is called quid pro quo harassment. That is illegal too because your employment could be threatened if you say no to a supervisor, manager or owner.

We Will Help You Speak Up, And We Will Stand Up For You

When you report sexual harassment, your employer is obligated to investigate and take appropriate action against the person who is harassing you. It is illegal for your employer to retaliate for filing a complaint, such as a demotion, transfer, negative performance review, or termination. We can get involved if the employer ignores your complaint or retaliates against you in any way.

We have represented women and men in every type of job, from factories and restaurants to offices and schools. We can help to stop the behavior, salvage your job and continue to provide for your family. Contact us as soon as possible. We listen carefully and respectfully to your account of the behavior and help you document the abuse.

Miguel Ramirez has nearly 20 years of experience as a lawyer and formerly served in a large employer defense firm handling sexual harassment cases for large companies. He now uses that background to help his clients assert their rights and get the results they deserve.

Take Action, Starting With A Free Consultation

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