Employment Discrimination

Protecting Workers’ Rights Throughout Southern California

No employer should treat its workers differently on account of their race, gender, age or another protected category. Nor should an employer tolerate harassment of its workforce. You can put a stop to the employment discrimination you have experienced or witnessed. One visit to the Law Offices of Miguel S. Ramirez can put you one step closer to your goal.

Miguel S. Ramirez has been a successful attorney for nearly 20 years. His background in employer defense gives him a valuable perspective on your problems. He will put his experience and insights to work for you. Contact us if you are experiencing any form of employment discrimination or harassment. Your initial consultation is free of charge and completely confidential. We work hard to earn your trust, and we work hard to get justice for you. Call us today: 213-975-0003.

We Fight Back Against Employment Discrimination

Our Los Angeles law firm needs to hear from you if you have suffered employment discrimination or workplace harassment on the basis of:

  • Race – You cannot be treated differently because of your race or color.
  • Gender – Your gender should have no bearing on job assignments or pay.
  • Age – Workers age 40 or older are protected from hiring discrimination and layoffs.
  • Disability – Employers cannot discriminate or refuse to make accommodations.
  • Religion – You cannot be discriminated against for your religious beliefs or practices.
  • National origin – Discrimination on the basis of ethnicity or country of origin is illegal.
  • Sexual orientation – You cannot be fired or mistreated because of stated or perceived orientation.
  • Pregnancy – Employers cannot terminate, harass or refuse to accommodate a pregnant woman.

If your ethnicity has made you the subject of insults or ridicule at your job, or if you suspect you are a victim of discrimination, Miguel S. Ramirez will fight to protect your rights.

Get Immediate Attention For Your Workplace Problems

Our dedicated lawyer works hard to put an end to employment discrimination, one case at a time. We represent the working people of the greater Los Angeles area and Southern California. Mr. Ramirez provides a free consultation, including a Spanish language consultation on request. Call us at 213-975-0003 or use our email form to reach out. We can help today.