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How Much Does an

How Much Does an Employment Lawyer Cost in California in 2024?

Employment disputes across California have evolved over the years, especially as workplaces have become more complex with the addition of technology, remote work, and more. This complexity subsequently influences the legal landscape, including the resources necessary…

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Can an Employer Deny

Can an Employer Deny Unpaid Time Off in California? 2024

An important part of any employee’s life is a work-life balance. Time away from your employment gives you time to relax and enjoy hobbies. It is important to know what your rights are as an employee…

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California Overtime Law 2024

California Overtime Law 2024 – You Won’t Believe What’s Happening

California has some of the strongest worker rights protections in the country. In 2024, several changes were made to California employment law, particularly regarding overtime. Understanding California Overtime Pay Overtime pay is one and a half…

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What Are Part Time

What Are Part Time Hours in California? (2024)

2024 will bring in new labor laws and updates to existing legislation. These new policies will impact workers across the state of California. Among the docket of things that will be introduced is pay transparency, covered…

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Top 10 Signs You’re

Top 10 Signs You’re Being Discriminated Against at Work in California

Experiencing discrimination in the workplace can be distressing and frustrating, in addition to having detrimental effects on your career, benefits, and promotions. However, it’s not always easy to identify signs of discrimination, especially if they’re subtle.…

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